New Installation

Noble Fence has been installing high-quality fences in West Texas since 2001. We guarantee unsurpassed workmanship, while using the highest quality materials.

We understand that construction around your home can be a real headache. We don't allow this to happen. Through constant communication with you, compassion for your home, and honest business practices, we can turn your backyard into a retreat with no headache at all.

Let Noble Fence be the guide to the fence of your dreams.

Fence Styles

Fence Tops

Gothic Tip, Dog Eared and Flat Top

  • gothic-tip-fence
  • Gothic Tip

  • dog-eared-fence
  • Dog Eared

  • flat-top(capped)-fence
  • Flat Top

Privacy Fences

Standard (non-privacy) fences have pickets that are side by side with nothing covering the gap between them. Our Privacy Fences give you peace of mind!
Board and Bat fences have 2-inch wood strips covering the gap between full pickets.
Board on Board fences have full 6 inch wide pickets that overlap each other.

Let Noble Fence build your private oasis!

  • board and bat
  • Board and Bat

  • board on board
  • Board on Board

Gate Options

At Noble Fence we offer several different gate options.
We install wood-framed or metal-framed gates. We also offer drive through gates up to 20ft wide.

Contact a project manager for your gate options.

  • wood-framed
  • Wood-Framed

  • metal-framed
  • Metal-Framed

Additional Options

Concrete footers, Dog windows, and much more.

  • concrete footers
  • Concrete Footers

  • dog windows
  • Dog Windows